Ok so I checked out some new library books from my school that I cant wait to scan and show you guys

Beautiful Losers is basically a street art book that I've come to love after flipping through a couple of pages. So if your really into street art from the 90's and early 2000's this is a great book! I'll scan a couple of pictures either tonight or tomorrow (most likely tonight)

Cult Rock Posters are you serious? If you read this blog often theres 3 major genres of music that I love to death with a passion and thats Rock (Classic, Glam), 80's New Wave & Punk! and if you can see the lettering on that book that I'm holding up...what does it say? GLAM, PUNK AND NEW WAVE!? When I seen this I was like oh yes have to check this out for sure! (sorry I'm a really visual person and I love books!) and plus guess whos on the back of the book

The genius himself DAVID BOWIE! There are some amazing photos in here also which I will be scanning! Let me know if you guys want to see pictures from inside these books because I don't to post them if no one's really interested...lol pfftt I'll post them anyways! I don't care lol

Unseen Warhol As anyone whose anyone if you know me I live through Andy Warhol this is the man who inspires me everyday and keeps me reaching for my dreams. This book is incredible...Theres alot of photos that I haven't seen or I don't think is on the internet either (not that I have seen atleast) So I will definitely be scanning those also

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