I've been very selfish and not wanting to do much of anything physically. I've been very inspired by things via this blog but its how to present them is the thing that I lack. I need to change as a person. I would like to take a break from blogging but I know I WONT (don't worry I'm not) Its just that I commit to things I am suppose to do and then don't do them... it makes me feel bad because when I do, do it I feel like its not good enough to present to anyone...I don't know what It is, I try not to make this blog somewhere where I vent out my feelings because I don't feel like my problems are worth crying over when some people don't even have what I have in life...So I try not to vent on and on about it...I just sort of keep it to myself. I'm just sorry in advance to all the people I made promises to and never kept them :(

(...and there I go crawling back under a rock where I'll be for a couple of months)

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