I think some of my icons and some of the best artists of our time were social outcasts or isolated themselves from social interaction. They are geniuses but and or also mental in the same sense. Sometimes being isolated from everyone has its pros and cons the real question is can you balance out the two? staying in that creative isolation and also keep yourself from going mentally insane. Its all psychological...over the last 2 years since I've grown and learned alot in the "creative arts" if you may call them that I've learned how to balance out the two some how I've been in "isolation" for almost 3 years keeping notebooks,sketchbooks, moleskin notebooks, treasure chests of fashion and art magazines full of inspiration. Just creating and planing out what I want to do in the near future as far as the actual designing aspect goes.

What I mean by isolation is that I don't really share my ideas with people. I don't really express every intricate detail of my sketches that I have with other people. Because I feel that no one will understand what I'm trying to get across until they see the physical outcome of it (my design) and also mentally I think that my brain is a little spastic. Thats why a certain color, speech, word, smell, a look, a movement, sound, a lyric, even a mistake can trigger a whole time line of inspiration. Its amazing in a sense.


Nia Imani said...

amazing post, in a sense. lol. but great post really!

LALA said...

thank u, I know I say "in a sense" like a million times

BARBIE - said...

this.... I wouldn't have said it better my self. Thank you for sharing that. I also feel that way. good to know there are others. I just hate when the isolation gets to me and my mind goes bizerk like possessed appliances.


LALA said...

YES! It almost gets the best of me sometimes just have to balance it out! I'm glad that you can relate :)