Ok, if your like me or anyone else who likes to shop on the internet for things you always want to know is it good or not or even if its worth the money your about to pay for. Especially when buying electronics, home appliances and furniture. So I've recently been introduced to a website www.pebble.com that accompanies my needs for advice on the specific items that I want to purchase like for example I want to someday buy the Nikon D60 SLR Digital Camera so I type in at the top of the page where it says "what are you searching for" and hit enter and wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am it gives you the results of product reviews, and sites where you can buy the camera at the lowest price! ITS AMAZING! Because I get tired of having to use other websites where they don't even give the product reviews of the item, and If anyone knows me I like the best of everything no matter what it is and I know that may sound snobby in sort of a way for saying that but why should I settle for "half-ass products" when I'm paying someone money for it?

Also If you want to ask questions about a product you can also do that, and what I love is that you when you do ask a question you get a quick response back which is lovely! Theres a whole community of contributors on the site just there to help you with questions about other products! I'm really glad that I've been introduced to this site!
check it out at
you wont regret it!

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