...and in this bag is...

Unisex Organice Fine Jeresy Short Sleeve V-Neck in Pomegranate

Unisex V-Neck (Mint Green) LOVE

Unisex Viscose Sexuali-Tee in White I think this might become my favorite shirt!

Cotton Spandex Jersey Leggings in Orchid & Black (lol how in the hell will I pull of these purple leggings?!)

I think I might love American Apparel too much?...and most of you might think "oh how unstylish of her to just wear American Apparel" but guess what I'm a true hippie at heart if this world was clean enough I would walk barefoot for the rest of my life and live in one t-shirt! I'm very simple (at this point of my life) I'm not really into jeans, or anything that isn't cotton but like I said in an earlier post I do really want to start wearing more jewelry especially rings.


alexander said...

i have the sebastian tellier tee, and it's probably the most amazing thing i ever got, ever.

Brooklyn said...

I have shirts from there to. OMG they feel so good on your skin. Im not into jeans right now either. I havent worn a pair since winter. But american apperal is simple and sexy!