Its really weird how reality star Whitney Port's "personal" style is, Its very awkward and I think to some(many) people it can be an eye sore but some how to me it looks very chic. and many other blogs sites say the same thing. Her style is very different but some how it all seems to go together. I've always loved how sometimes I look at things and see how they don't go together or ever wonder why is that even there. It sticks out like a sore thumb, but thats why life is interesting and the most inspiring things are things that really don't go together.

(photo:aol images)

"try wearing the wrong thing for once, you just might make a style statement!"


LaLa said...

she looks like the early 90s threw up on her... hmm

Chronic.Sunchild said...

omg. why are we thinking the same things now. i was talking to someone on how i love whitney. and now you post about her. i love yoouuuu