(dont mind my hair thingy lol)
While I was in my local georcery store I was searching for this diet tea that my hairstlist had mentioned to me since we ALWAYS discuss on losing weight. So while I was on my search for it I came across this, and the funny thing is that I never knew that there was an "imported goods" section in that store lol (you learn/see something new everyday!) and I cam across Ahmad Tea Evening Tea and thought to myself I should try it! I don't know if this is "real" English tea but I decided to try it out! if anyone knows any really good English Tea brands please let me know!
im having a cup as I post this!
I found these! lol they remind me of the gummy candy we have here! I tasted some they're pretty good
For as of all the magazines, I'm going to read them tonight and write an review post tomorrow or later on tonight! (+ scans of inside the magazines if anyone wants them? let me know in a comment)

Lately. I've been really inspired by Mens Fashion the structured tailoring of it ALL. I don't think I could ever see myself designing just Mens Wear but I'm really just falling in love with male models, the certain play in Diversity now a days when It comes to Male Vs Female in styling aka "what women should wear, and what boys should wear" type of deal,  do you get what I'm saying? I guess you can say the whole build of the male in general im intrigued by
(remember that this V Man Mag has Ashley Olsen in it!) 

The last MISSBEHAVE....RIP...The only reason why I bought this was because this is the last one to complete my collection of Missbehaves (the only one I don't have is the very first one with Nelly Furtado on the cover)...and PLUS Jeremy Scott's Spring 2009 collection was featured through out the whole magazine!! 

this will by mine by July


j.marie said...

That bag is gorgeous! I need to check to see if I received my Interview. Love the blog!

Yinka said...

do the gummy actually taste like wine? x]

LALA said...

@j.marie thank u! I really appreciate it!

@yinka lol no they dont taste like wine lmao! thats what i had thought at first too!