+ TOLLE I think that his blog is amazing He always has great pictures that I cant help but stealing for myself! It's jut like Christmas everytime he posts lol

+ DONT TRIP YET This Blog is amazing and I'm so proud to be apart of it! Its like birthing a baby and helping raise it! Even though I don't write for the blog anymore I have become Creative Director helping my friend Whitney with the website, graphics, etc and much more! So if you read DTY This is just the beginning there will bigger and better things to come!

+ BIG GIRLS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL I love this blog! The French have great style! and whenever I want to see amazing posts that glorify the making of Chanel bags or her style posts that are just so inspiring to me! I LOVE THE FRENCH! :)

+ COSMIC COLLECTION My little Brother!(via internet) If It wasnt for him I don't know who I'd have to gossip about tv shows, MK Olsen, Hollywood, Louis Vuitton bags, YSL shoes, etc. Trust me theres a LONG list!

+ CUT & SWALLOW If it wasnt for this blog who was going to teach me how to make a halter neck maxi dress?? Dan Dan Can! I love this girl! shes so creative and I swear shes my twin from across the pond in London! I love her

+ EVERYTHING GOES One word. One Name. ROBERT! Tauruses Have the best creative minds and if you go to this blog you'll see why! I think if me and him were to join up...we'd make one SUPER TEAM & TAKE OVER THE WORLD! hmmmmmm....sounds like a plan! Robert If u see this! Lets talk!

+ UGLY MELLY French Blogger Whats not to love about her Blog? Sneakers Art, Fashion & Design? Even though I'm not really a sneaker girl, This blog is amazing! j'aime!

+ANECHOASTAIN My new friend Shaun from over seas In New Zealand! I'm glad he found my blog! (I LOVE TALKING TO PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!) His hair cut is what I love the most!


alexander said...

wow thanks for the shout out ; )


THANNNKS LALAA! love your blog too!

Belial said...

haha! your soo lovely!! im having the best time of my life right now. u shouldve went out with us last night, we got so much shit for what we were wearing "oh the circus is in town".
ill talk to u soon!!!