Ever since I've started my new job...my friends said that I've changed you know the classic "you never have time for us anymore" and I feel really bad because when I get home from either work or school I'm so tired and for them to say that makes me feel like I shouldn't be tired at all its the same thing I have with myself I've been really stressed latley because of my "life change" and its really taking a toll on me but mentally I haven't felt it yet? Because to me when I work I don't stop for anything to take a break or anything. But sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down or just center myself. My life is very sporadic. I've tryed to make a schedule but I haven't really organized my life until a point where I can find intervals between school & work or even when i get off of work. I don't know I need to figure something out SOON!

Plus for my summer break(the 2 weeks I do have) I'm going to go join a yoga club and go everyday...and then try to work out 3 days a week. Somethings got to give, you know?


Sarah Noelle said...

Do what you need to do to make YOURSELF happy. Fuck everyone else. As selfish as that sounds.

Anonymous said...

okay the classic "you never have time for us" speech..
You know REAL friend surpport your dreams and they make time for you when they see that your busy weather its a simple phone call, text, e-mail, ichat whatever real friends will UNDERSTAND!! and not make you feel guilty for trying to be successful!

Sarah is right you have to also balance your work,( a hussla has to take time out now and again too). Even if it's just to kick back and pamper yourself,catch up on your fav soaps, catch a flick with your "friends" that don't pressure you.

but remember good friends will understand and not make you feel low.

you need to watch some BScott he is just amazing and was talking about this in his video(go on youtube and type in bscott)