It just so happened that came across this book when I was in the library in class and went to the fashion history section and at first I didn't really look in the book all I read was "radical rags" and automatically thought that the book was no good but I got it and flipped through some of the pages and realized that it was all fashion over the GREATEST era ever (in my opinion atleast) THE 1960's!!!! one of my favorite eras!!!!!! so many inspiring images! It made me want to start sketching again... which I haven't in a long long time! It's sad...

(those glasses!)

House of Dior 1966 Couture collection
(one of my favorite 1960s models Peggy Moffitt)
love those eyelashes 
I'm so inspired by this dress! I want to make something like this.
Silk screened dress! AHHH I LOVE IT!! look at the kitty one!
twiggys figure and pixie cut =love
those eyelashes!!! love love love!

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