I try to make this as blog less depressing than I try to make it out to be... But I have no where else to dispense my feelings besides this blog... Lately I've been feeling alone... Creatively wise...I feel like I cant really express my creations/ideas/theories to anyone and the people I do express them with they either don't really understand... or they're not interested in the things I like... and Its hard to find someone who's into the type of Fashion and Art, etc im into in Texas at the least...and Its not like I dont try to converse with people at my school to find out if there's anyone remotely something like me...but there isn't It really makes me sad because I feel alone and It makes me feel emotional I get tired of being alone. I need to find a twin... or either I need to get the fuck out of Texas... But I want to finish up college here...I don't know what I should do. I'm just tired of feeling alone... I want a best friend or at least A GOOD FRIEND thats into the same things I am and is cool. Someone who I can relate to...

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I think I told you on DTY before that I used to live in San Antonio - GLAD I GOT OUTTA THERE. But you are in a far better place than that ... opportunity wise that is lol. I felt the same way all the time. I don't major in fashion design but it's still a side hustle/hobby. I feel like everyone is stuck on street fashion but my interest is high fashion and not even just runway but ART. Gareth Pugh is art to me. Anyways any time you want to discuss Mary Kate (and Ashley I give her love too) or some men's wear or art school (I go to scad so I know about AI!) something random and different, you can hit me up at anytime!

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