My mother said to me today(& previous)

and I quote....now this is something that I'll remember for the rest of my life and this is what pushes me to move forward in my career she said "Lana I'm not living on false dreams like you do...you have to realize that money doesn't just come from anywhere" and how this came about was when I first was in the process of going to The Art Institute of Dallas she didn't want to even have part in helping me with financial aid because she wasn't doing to well with her job because they were laying people off...but not just did she tell me to get a "grip" on reality and not go to the school at all she stormed out of the financial aid office and didn't help me at all....I sat with my Admissions person (with whom I love if it wasn't for her and my desire for designing I'd honestly be going to the community college here where I live...doing shit! studying in English/Basics??? hell no) 

What basically what I take from that quote that my mom stated is that to me the impossible is possible and if theres a will theres a way no matter what your financial problems are you can still do what you want to do!! this is AMERICA where people are poor in the streets & still following their dreams!! So my mentality is that If you have the drive to do something that you want to do in life and you want to make it a career then I say go for it!!!

Because when I do dream/think about the things I want to do, they're insane and sometimes arent really realistic but I am so detailed and I know how I want everything to be and look that sometimes I can be a perfectionist and if it isnt how I want it then its not going to get done or what have you. I don't see ANYTHING as being over expensive or something  not being up to its highest quality. Because for example if I'm doing something for somebody like making a garment its going to be of the best fabrics and detailed no matter HOW MUCH MONEY IT WILL COST it is my vision and this is what I had in mind SO YES MOTHER I AM LIVING ON FALSE DREAMS and sometimes you have to fight for what you think is right. False dreams are the best dreams


Rubinstein said...

you're leaving THE dream. There's no such thing as a FALSE dream. You seem like a strong minded girl, but i hope you'll get her permanent support soon.

Brooklyn said...

He said exactly what I was gonna say. Theres no such thing as False dream. Because your dream is something that can come true. I have no support from anyone, so Im trying to make the best of my dream. I love you soooo much and I think your gonna make it far. xoxo!!