OK! today mom thought it would be random enough to go out to Traders Village(which is basically a flea market/black market/china town...but hispanic venders instead of chinese) Ok so we go there for the chili cookoff aka FREE FOOD lol and we walk for about 30 minutes trying to find where it is and we finally find it and...we come to find out that its only for judges to try/eat...me and my family was like whatttt???!! lol because it was a pretty long drive out there from where I live so I was like let me look around and see what they have and I see some Bamboo tree little plants and I thought to myself some Buddhas have to be around here somewhere right?! so to my surprise there they are! there was a set of these little guys but I only bought 2 for $4! here they are, I think they'll bring me some sort of luck that I desperately need!

and on my way out from traders village I found this heavy guy witch I loveeeeeee! its really heavy and he was only $6

over all today(even though its not over) was a good day
I bought 2 just plain shirts...also but thats not blog worthy lol

P.S if anyone ever reads this and you decided to get me something one day I love anything Buddhist or Buddha :)

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