Keri & Kanye keep stealing my heart these artsy videos and keri's lyrics are amazing! I cant wait to BUY her cd she should have a DVD with all her videos on it :)
that would make my heart flutter!

(video via cosmic collection/youtube)



She's SEXY in this vid! I hope Keri replace that BITCH/STRIP Amber!^^

Yasluv♥ said...

ME TOOO !!!! Completely co-sign and Kanye is feelin her... Did u see the interview he did and he was all over her???? I would love to see them together!

Robër Pierre said...

this girl is just something/everything to love down.
i love what kanye is giving.. look and all :)

i still havent gotten her album
i was gonna buy it via itunes , but i need the full effect lol