The Chloe brand has been resurrected thanks to  Hannah MacGibbon! for this collection she recreated the 80s vibe towards the collection with the oversized coats. For me honestly not just saying "i love love love love blah blah blah" I really actually love the cuffed oversized pants with the very structured oversized coats and the shorts! depending on what material they actually are I would wear them in the Spring instead of Fall this collection is amazing! I'll be looking forward to seeing more from MacGibbon in the near future! BY THE WAY THE BAGS! WHATS A LARGER WORD OTHER THAN HOBO AND OVERSIZED! THE BAGS! I LOVE ITS ALMOST LIKE LUGGAGE! (the thing I used to love about chloe was the bags and H.M brought it back!)

see the rest of the collection here
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