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Stefano! Please don't let me down this season! I love the collections as always but this Pre-Fall 09 some of the pieces are looking a little sketchy...very basic harem trousers, jumpsuits and that damn neutral pallet that has been used for the last 8 seasons and don't get me wrong there was some dresses that had a little color but very dark...I cant wait to see some color for the Yves Saint Laurent Brand like bright colors instead of just blacks,greys,creams...I WANT MORE! I don't know I may be wrong I need to see the pieces close up the actual details of the clothes because now a days I'm going blind lol

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danDan said...

i read an article in the Guardian or the Times and the designers at a big fashion house can't remember who, might have been Armani, are really trying to adhere to the aesthetic of that brand, because they're scared of losing their jobs, and I can only imagine that's what's happened to dear Stefano Pilato (spell check?)