Okay yesterday was the day where I finally sat down and read ELLE UK January 09 issue with Ms. Courtney Love on the cover and I can say, that after reading this me and her have some Align Centerthings in common (as in views on life and karma) I just love Courtney and the interview was an amazing also she has a quote in there that was....No words can explain
"I had a long hard fall. I set the stage for Britney(spears) to crash and burn. I went through it all first"

Even though fashion wise Courtney Love is the last one to be on the best dressed list(lol that sounds like I took it straight from a magazine, I probably did!) I love it especially in the 90s where even to award shows she was so grunge and rock and roll (ughh I die for it)

Also a reason to love Courtney she has Marc Jacobs on speed dial and also Gwyneth Paltrow texts her almost 3 times a week!

my favorite photo from the shoot

also what I thought was great from the magazine interview that was when she had was a conversation she had with David La Chappelle it made my heart drop.... and root for her
But you have to go and get the magazine to know what I'm talking about! go and get it!

cant wait to buy the album! "Nobodys Daughter". I seem to have a thing for damaged people who know how to overcome their battles so inspiring!

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