Today I was going through my friends list(on myspace) looking at all the people who I used to be real close friends with and think to myself what if I was still friends with them The whole south persona is... basically what people do around here where I live is go to partys, club, drink, fuck, smoke, and act ghetto and not that I'm saying that theres anything wrong with that But thats just not me...I can't be around people who don't have a future or a goal...It just dissapoints me to see my 'friends' not do anything productive with their lives...So what I'm basically asking/Penny for your thought is this:

"Would you rather be someone who your not trying to fit it with the people around you? or either be alone achieving your goals/dreams?"

I chose my dream (BASICALLY) Because I can never be someone who I'm not...but the road of being is alone is a sort of misrable life...I miss having fun...I guess I have to find people who have my interests (trust me thats hard in Texas with people being so close minded and not having any fashion sense)

Eminem "Brain Damage"

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Sarah Noelle said...

i listened to brain damage yesterday