i-D hit them with the quickness!

(photo: tolle)
even though V Magazine did the same like this(multiple covers for one month) a while back i-D magazine can do whatever they want! I basically want all the covers! The Kate, Alice, I'm "so so" about Niaomi...shes getting old? no?, Daisy!, Jourdan, aggys out (lol) & I love Stella Tennants hair(the last cover)!! Ummm where is COCO ROCHA?? in the US if I wanted to buy all those cover its would run about 50$ and theres no way I'm paying that much!...or would I?? (yes) but I'm not!

If you've heard of i-D Magazine and really never got into picking one up and scaning the pictures and reading the articles. It is one of the most inspiring(in my opinion) magazines that I have came across thus far. I remember when I first bought the magazine with the Beyonce cover with lime green lettering in August 2006. It was love at first site! It was the first time I discovered Jeremy scott with his first Adidas collab & Junkfood collection and ever since I've been shelling out 10$ a month just to have this magazine! If your into Art,Fashion, and new music this is it!


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danDan said...

i need the alice dellal, naomi (just cos it's her, her pic is weird), agy and jourdan... love.