tough shoulders

Jean Paul Gaultier you genius! The Couture Spring 2009 collection was very abstract and I loved every aspect of it. Especially the deep sort of V neck on the suits. This is such a beautiful collection I could never doubt Gaultier to ever have a garment that I didn't like

even though I'm not a fan of pin stripe...this is beautiful!

this dress is amazing

those pants! (im just falling in love with the detailing!)

(photos: style)


danDan said...

couture at my finger tips... thank you La... don't leave, your blog makes me smile...x

Robër Pierre said...

JPG is trying to make me go drag!! LMAO ,..

The JazZe Ha!, Coco Le Chic or Terry Lovette said...

I almost passed out from excitement.
The dress with the feathers on the shoulder
is Genius!!!!!!!!!!