Questionable Ideas/Sketching

Okay heres the material I bought featuring me in the pictures I look like a monster I haven't taken a decent photo of myself for months lol But yeah with the flash on my camera the material kind of looks a dark navy blue but its black! Its a shame I couldn't make my dress I was sketching it out any everything(as you can see with the picture at the bottom I stopped detailing the squares after I found out I couldn't use it lol) but on the right I made a sketch on what I think I want to end up doing with the fabric making a draped head scarf or something! I know I really don't post pictures of whats in my sketch book or ever do I show anyone but this wasnt really serious so here you go!


danDan said...

i love the material... and ur tattoo is dope! xx

Mia La Belle said...

ayyyyyyyyyyy laaaaaaaa laaaaaaa.
add me to your daily reads =)

miss ya.