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Sometimes I hate when I get creative & inspired at the same time late at night(but its the best) my state of mind goes crazy and I start to process all these things at once into one collective image or form. Ever since I seen Gareth Pughs Mens Spring 2009 collection I've had images in mind about the hair and also the clothes but my mindset more focused on the hair. So I've made an inspiration board of all the things that the collection reminded me of. By the way most of my time these days I've been spending my time looking at the Mens Style website I love makeup on boys and watching them getting their hair done like the girls do (art)

play by play:
·Koi Fish have always been a thing that I loved, the history the entire form and beauty of the fish itself is ravishing
·the t-shirt which was random I found it somewhere I want to recreate this t-shirt with my own spin on it (when i get the money to do so)
· the word "cahoots" ca·hoots (kə-hōōts') Questionable collaboration; secret partnership: an accountant in cahoots with organized crime.
---Why I put this word on my inspiration board? I think its a funny word and plus its kind of relevant to this picture(above) so I just put it in there. Its funny to say it too because no one really uses that word (well the people I know don't)
·Ok! the last post I made about Jethro Cave...okay now I see why everyone is posting about him hes HOT! lol hes so cute in a dark kind of way
· fishtail/fishbone braid reminded me of the hair for GP S/2009 collection

p.s tell me if you like when I make these inspiration boards/pictures I know I've been doing them for a while, but I wonder if people actually get inspired by them??? I don't know BLAH!

(photos: flickr,found,the cobrasnake, Mens Style)

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