mary-kate gave me her shoes

I have no idea why I have these crazy dreams...I wonder is it the snacks I eat before I go to sleep (fat ass). But yeah last night I had a dream that I was shopping and then someone I have no idea who gave me like a bag from a different store with my name on it like a present and it was from Mary-Kate Olsen and they where a pair of her shoes/boots and they were for me but I kept thinking to myself me and mary-kate do NOT wear the same size shoes but she got me a pair of boots just like the ones in this picture! I was so happy! lol I was like bfffffffffffffffff lol yeah right I wish!

and then you know how you have some of those dreams that flip over to another dream well I had a dream about Paul Rudd(ahhh hes so cute!) I don't know what happen but all I know is that I was all over him.

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Robër Pierre said...

I love dreams like that! Until I wake up.. LMAO
and I've had a crush on Paul Rudd ever since 'Object of my Affection'