Anything is possible!/RANDOM

Tonight me and my mom went to the movies and since we was like an hour and 30 minutes early she asked me did I want to go to the arcade(inside the movie theater) for a while, and to admit I was pretty stoked because I usually don't play games (lol wow how serious do I sound) no like I haven't been to the arcade in ageeeeeeesssssssssss! so I played a couple of games and I finally came across this gun game called Time Crisis 4 and was shooting the shit out of people in the game...and being the creative, "inspired by anything and everything" type of person I am. I was looking at the guns and suddenly thinking to myself that I actually want these guns so I took out my blackberry and wrote some notes down on the brand of the game and where can I possibly buy them! so I look on ebay and they want 200-400$ for the guns...I want them the real arcade guns not the playstation ones that they had on ebay....so thats one of my many missions now to buy those guns I want a pink,blue,red,possibly yellow? ones

if you dont know what the heck I'm talking about heres a picture of Angela Simmons with one

by the way her coat is pretty! :)

Oh yeah I seen the Movie seven Pounds last night I won't give the movie away but I will say that It is a good movie...although it took atleast till into the middle of the movie to get what the whole thing is about, and its very emotional and everyone is crying through out the moive which was like "ooohhhhhh mmmyyyyyyyy gooooosssssshhhhh" I diddnt want to cry through the movie but I ended up crying anyways


Robert said...

I can't wait to see it !!

I need to do catch up on a slew of movies, lol... ugh a shame.

danDan said...

oh my goodie goodie gosh! lemme tell u, miss thing... I just watched this film... i'm in love again.... with beauty... like truly!

ChinaWhite said...

I went to the premiere in the U.K and I cried my eyes out at this film.