Trip to my fav store

Okay, today I went to one of my favorite stores(Barns & Noble Book store) and I had intentions of spending no more than 20$ on magazines. Doing my monthly magazine run, and to come to find out that Octobers magazines are still on the shelves! I was so pissed this is the second time I went there and those old ass magazines are still on the shelves! ARRGGG. Buying my magazines aren't cheap either because I've learned that I don't really like US magazines...well it matters who's on the cover but half of the time its really shitty so I buy UK magazines because their so much better to read,the journalism,editorials,better cover stories UK ELLE is one of my most favorite magazines that I JUST HAVE TO GET and for me to buy it here in the US and it being printed in the UK its going to cost some money honey! so I pay 8$ + tax and then I buy i-D magazine and that's 10$+
Then also when I was in the store I just HAD to go and see the Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Book Influence and I fell inlove! But I just had to glance through it instead of buying it because I was NOT going to spend 35$ today when I really wanted Chinese food later on (lol) But I put it on hold! :)

This must have been sent from the fashion gods....One magazine left...beautiful model on the cover...with gold foil writing on the front...printed in England...Plastique Magazine Explosive Fashion! I-AM-IN-LOVE! I flipped through the magazine only to have instantly have fallen in love! I'm shocked...this was the last one and everyone knows I hate getting the magazine in front the one that EVERYONE has touched so I was a little nervous about getting it but I HAD TO! I love this magazine I haven't really got to read the articles yet but I cant wait! and then tomorrow I'll try to take pictures and tell you guys about some of the articles! (+I seen an article about Yves Saint Laurent! YAY! I CANT WAIT!)

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