I dont sleep

Sometimes I think its kind of weird...because it doesn't matter how tired I am or what I did earlier that day I cannot sleep I just have so many ideas and things I want to write and create and do I just never stop. I'm hoping that this doesn't get the best of me later down the road. I took some benedryll last night its allergy medicine and its suppose to make you drowsy and this week I've been taking it to help me go to sleep atleast at 11:00 (after Chelsea Latley goes off lol) and it only worked once out of the seven days that I took it...its like at the same two times every night around 11 and around maybe 2 oclock in the morning my brain tells me to get up and I start to have all the creative ideas like designing or sketch I JUST HAVE to do because if I sleep on it i'll forget it the next day and I dont want that to happen :(
But if I dont go to sleep I'll be up to atleast 6 or 7 oclock in the morning and get like atleast 3 hours of sleep becuase i hate waking up after 12 noon....ughhhhh! my sleep patterns are FUCKED!!
It doesnt really bother me, it would just be really nice if I could fall asleep at a decent hour...

p.s I want potato tots...with cheese on them and hand me packets of ketchup to put on them...yummy


VenshardKaVon said...

I've been there. If the idea is truly important, it will come back up, yes? Chelsea Lately is a must.

La La said...

lol with me its a whole diff story. I gotta do it now and then lol I LOVE CHELSEA!