Classic: Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film "Psycho"

Also what this has to do with today was that when I was waiting for the bus for some reason this song was stuck in my head(when shes in the car and the music starts playing)


Anonymous said...

When I finished watched this movie, I was 6years old and was so scared of the shower scene. I adore Alfred Hitchcock's films the style and make-up in his films are amazing, I love his movie The Birds my fav' of all time.

La La said...

omg the birds was brilliant! I was like wow, I would've loved to see the days of the 1960s

Anonymous said...

I have another film for you hun to check out its called 'far from heaven' it's film shot in 2002(i think could be wrong) but its made to look like a 1940s type film.
I recommend this film as at the moment at Uni I'm looking into style and clothing in films. This film was one of my favourites I loved the colours and textures of the clothes and the whole story line.