You know it when you actually feel it

Have you ever had a feeling a gut instinct that reached down into your soul? like when you listen to that one song that touches your heart, you can actually FEEL it well...when I was watching this film The Namesake and the opening credits came on and in this film the character Ashima Ganguli(Tabu) is singing and I think its this song called/by Aaj Sajan Mohe Geeta Dutt...but I have no idea and when I hear this song I can actually feel it in my heart and I think to myself if I have a feeling as strong like this just about a song, I MUST OF BEEN either Indian in my past life (I feel so dumb actually talking about this because I don't know if my readers will understand my outlook on things) But this is a really great movie! I really love Indian culture so much I want to visit there one day...I couldn't find a clip of the part im talking about but I found the opening credits song on www.imeem.com

Its Indian music so I don't know if you can realate because I'm open to every kinds of genres of music. I cried on some parts of the movie because it was just that touching, go check it out or rent it to watch the whole thing its really a good moive

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