wow really? (repeat X10)

I usually don't listen to 'rap' music now adays and theirs an limited amout of rappers I actually have on my list that I DO listen to from the south 1. is this rapper from texas called Zero and 2. Gorilla Zoe that's it, basically when they do make songs that actually talk about real shit and not 'hit makers' they have something really interesting to say that I can relate to and when I heard this song on the radio...(which I never listen to unless I'm at the besties house) I was like wtf Gorilla Zoe just sung my life story...seriously...90% of what he says in this song is what I'm going trough right now...except about the part where people are trying to take his life...that shit isn't happening to me! p.s. lil wayne just had to be on the song huh?...It still would've been hot without him, even though hes great also...

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