Beautiful It Is

As I'm up on my desktop computer, I'm surprised and amazed that I'm still awake at now 5:15 AM...But I'm all good because on tv, on the sundance channel a documentary called Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton, and it is inspiring yesterday my friend Helen inspired me so much she said to me (not word for word) "were young and beautiful and talented we need to get motivated and do this stuff now!" I never really talked to her on the phone but we had to talk 'business!' lol shes going to be a model and I'm going to be a fashion designer so that goes hand in hand and I think its beautiful! She can be my model when I start designing my own clothes I cant wait!

But back to the documentary, Marc is such an inspiration! I didn't know at such an early age at 20 he became creative director of Louis Vuitton by Yves Carcelle who bought out Louis Vuitton in 1989 *(I think). I find that SO amazing and inspiring! That pushes me to follow my dreams and do what I want to do in life, that is my ultimate dream and the people who travel with me on that road to hopefully build an empire!

+also a little fun fact if you diddnt know Marc Jacobs created the style 'GRUNGE' did you know?

click here to view a clip of the documentary

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