The "bad ass" dream

Okay so last night/this morning I had this weird ass dream It was like I was on my way with Pink(the musician artist) on the way to this photo shoot that involved Lily Allen and Rihanna I think (YEAH WOW WHAT A BAD ASS GROUP SHOT! WHEN I SAY BAD I MEAN GOOD) okay and so me and Pink was in the limo and Pink was on the phone with Lily Allen and she told her that they were smoking weed at the set so me and pink was like "OHH SHIT YEAHH!!" So we were on our way and then something crazy happened that made us delay on time so when we got the set and mind you that the "set" was a gas station/convenient station (and it was the one by my house like a Chevron gas station) but it was like sorta secluded away from any major street areas...so yeah once we got there lily was already comming out ready for the shoot and I was kind of pissed off..ughh and then i woke up!


steph.ahhhhn the RObot said...

thats not fair i wanna dream of them lol

La La said...

lol :)
im mad that it didn't go on longer!