This is only my opinion. Ok through the 1920s-1990s shit was original by the people who set the trends and also style statements on the early fashion scene.But now in the 2000s style repeats itself as a cycle, trends repeat all the time by history. People look to the past for inspiration on how to revamp the era of clothing/style. I just hate when people say that they are original (and I'm talking about my generation). Your not original, someone way before your time has created the style or type of clothing that your revamping or re-creating. But they're are a few people that do create original things that no one ever thought about doing that are innovative like for example right off the top of the head (dee and rickys lego heart broaches,Melodys custom jewelry, Miss Waxx Jewelry -and that's just accessory wise) but people like Yves Saunt Laurent,Oscar De La Renta ,CoCo Chanel, Jeremy Scott with his off the wall prints & innovative designs just to name a few that was before my generation. Now adays we have to revamp and restyle and some how make an old style look better or some how different from when it first was originated. As so for hairstyles I hate when people say they are the first to rock something. Do your homework and look back at history because most likely someone else before has had that style

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