OK, I was thinking about this last night...and some of today and I thought about how I would present this blog and what It would be about and I've decided that it will be my INSPIRATION BLOG! TADAHH! this blog will be mainly about things that inspires me and also deal with personal life. So I hope you enjoy!

I ended up watching this fashion documentary today on this lovely Sunday afternoon on the Sundance channel called Seamless
its a Superficial fashion-biz documentary following aspiring young designers in a competition sponsored by Vogue and Council of Fashion Designers of America

and now I'm about to watch this movie about a photographer named William Klein and the movie is called Who Are You, Polly Maggoo? and If anyone knows me and what I like I LOVE and I mean LOVE the 60s and 70s style and everything that I stood for even the negatives those 2 decades are so inspiring! find the movie and watch it because I know I am! By the way its a french documentary so that made it even more beautiful!

(opening scene)

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