goth & grim +Rambling +Inspiration

Elle Italy October 2008
photos by the amazing Karl Lagerfeld
what inspiration! :)

For this fall I don't know why I'm attracted more neutral colors and and the whole goth look...would I ever go completely goth? no but I would LOVE design things like this I think this editorial was inspired by YSL's latest fall collection, or at least that what It reminds me of

nothing like another lonely Saturday in the house with a glass of wine watching the TCM channel trying to sketch out some new shit while also anticipating on a macbook and what color I should get...ugh the tragedy (Movie: Paper Moon 1973)

Photographer:Steven Klein
Stylist:Camilla Nickerson

they were amazing for capturing this beautiful photograph, I don't know why I love it SO much! Its like shes about to turn into a werewolf or something

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