A Glamour ZOMBIE

Its weird how people build illusions off of other peoples lives. How much they rather be that person from what they see and what they 'know'. Its amazing because we all do it glamorize like some cheesy flashback moment in a 80s sitcom. But were all humans none of us are better than each other. We live off of other people even when we don't realize it. Yeah if you want to be a loner but our mind needs that mental connection that is found when you find that special someone...no one can live alone. I always keep my mind open because I would never want to grow old of ignorance set in my ways hating the world hating people waiting to die and have nothing to live for...basically pitiful...I COULD NEVER LIVE LIKE THAT...I feel sorry for elderly people who lost the one they depended on, their life partner that they thought was set in stone then all of a sudden they're physical body dies...its sad being dependent can ruin ones mind mentally and physically, Being untrustworthy can turn a persons soul cold with hate and fear.

"What I suppose is perfect, what is very heaven, is when you find a sexual partner with whom you can lose yourself with. Who with you can create a sexual context of absolute perpetual bliss, a moment that exists outside of time a moment where your unaware of your birth and unaware of your death where your absolutely in that animalistic moment and yet at the same time divine" -Russell Brand (SHAME DVD)

As I see my best thoughts come out of me late at night/early in the morning...I cant sleep. I love people who philosophize on life and make me realize how big 'life' really is and see that it stands for much more that what it actually is. Like Russell Brand even though he is a comedian he also philosophizes on life alot when he generally talks and I like that about him. Even though people see him as self obsessed I find him smart.

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