Buying In Bulk

(Random Rambling entry #1)
I've always been a bulk buyer, even when I was little I would buy everything in two's. Just to the simple fact of thinking that I didn't ever want lose it or eventually run out. What I mean by buying almost everything in bulk is that when I shop online (specifically when I shop online) I add all of the shit I want to the basket (which is usually overpriced for my pockets to handle at one time)Its like I just don't want the 'couple of things' I want the whole fucking haul of shit that I've been wanting. Like my MAC makeup starter kit(+ the NARS) I just bought. I spent 500$ on just makeup alone. I dont really feel bad about doing this, but its what I do. I just cant buy one thing. But I am very patient when it comes to getting material things :)

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